Plot Summaries


Zoe Reynard on the outside seems to have the perfect life. She has a perfect marriage to her husband Jason and the couple share two kids. Despite this, Zoe is not happy in her marriage. Zoe has a sex addiction, leading her to often seek further sexual pleasures outside of her marital bed. While attending a art show, Zoe runs into the artist of the show, Quentin Canosa and the two quickly share some flirtation. Later, after wanting to sign Quentin to her company, Zoe goes over to his apartment and the two have sex. The couple break up regularly but always inevitably end up getting back together. On one particular occasion, when Zoe goes to get back with Quentin, she finds him having sex with his next door neighbour. Zoe throughout the story is telling this as a flashback or retelling to her therapist, who is treating her for a sex addiction. Later it is discovered that the root of Zoe’s addiction was a rape committed against her earlier in her life. Zoe’s addiction begins to take over her life and she soon begins to sleep with another man she met at a club named Corey. Zoe eventually decides that she wants to try to fix her marriage with her husband and invites both Corey and Quentin to meet her at Quentin’s apartment. Saying she doesn’t want to say it twice, she breaks up with the two and through this they realise that she has been sleeping with both of them. Quentin becomes very angry and pushes Corey to the ground after he lunges at Zoe. After Corey is knocked out, Quentin tells Zoe that she isn’t going to leave him and begins to walk towards her. In fright, Zoe shoves a glass artwork between them, smashing it to pieces. Quentin walks straight over them, pulling bits of glass out of his feet. While hiding from Quentin who is chasing after her with an artistic knife like implement, Jason suddenly appears and smashes an artwork in the shape of a heart over Quentin’s head and saves Zoe before leaving. Zoe chases after Jason, apologizing profusely but he rejects her, asking her why she would throw it all away. Jason and Zoe split up and Jason stays in a hotel. Zoe becomes a recluse but soon goes to a group therapy session. At the session she speaks of her deep love for her husband and Jason walks into the session.


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